Furuno Fs2570 Ssb Mf Hf Radio Antenna Coupler Handset


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-1.1-Chapter 1 OPERATION 1.1 SYSTEM SET-UP The basic 24 VDC FS-1562 consists of a Transceiver Unit, a Power Amp Unit (for 250 W), an Antenna Coupler, and a Handset.


i i SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS DANGER Never touch the SSB antenna, antenna coupler or lead-in insulator when the SSB radiotelephone is transmitting. High voltage which will ...

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Radio Types There are many radio frequency bands (LF, HF, VHF, UHF, etc), modulation modes (AM, FM, FM SSB, etc), and information types (Morse, voice, digital, etc).


description part_number altpn1 altpn2 qty cond O-RING NAS617-12 PIN NAS607-1-2P 1 NS SCREW NAS604-20 49 NAS603-8P 50 NAS603-56P 2 NAS602-8P 7 NAS602-10P 59 NAS601-12P